Tourte lorraine au poulet et à la marjolaine (chicken marjoram pie)


Une tourte lorraine. Lorraine style meat pie. I’ve never seen my mother making one, but so many local butchers proposed great ones, even without orderning.
Here I have to make it from scratch. This time, it’s a little variation to adapt to local ingredients.


Inside it’s mostly chicken…


… and a few herbs, particularly fresh marjolaine (marjoram).


Humm… the crispy and buttery golden crust.


For dessert : small lunettes à la vanille made with the same pastry.

vanilla spectacles

And some escargots (snails), no photo of todays but you’ve seen some before :

schnek (escargot)


Casser la croûte. On the table, at the farm…

Let’s break the bread crust and the meal starts… Casser la croûte, breaking the crust is eating for the French. That’s the magic : close your eyes. Your are in a French farm in the timeless era of fairy tales. There is a herd of unicorns grazing in the field…

Break the bread and put food on it…

That’s a meal. No, I forgot to take photos of the wine.
At our farm we make everything from scratch… but not the wine.

Un pain de campagne. Merci Kiki, la MAP (home bakery machine). It’s an old style peasant bread with a little rye flour in it.

3 terrines that you’ve seen before :
terrine de canard aux marrons et aux noix (chestnut marron duck )
terinne de volaille aux herbes (herb poultry)
pâté au foie (liver)

Salade de chou rouge (red cabbage).

Flavored with apple, Italian parsley (despite the name, it’s not foreign at all in France, it’s persil plat, the common flat parsley). Of course, a cider vinegar vinaigrette.

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pickled cornichons

pots de pommes de terres et champignons (mushroom, potato)

Dessert chausson

I hope you enjoyed the visit !

Pink compote chaussons

More chaussons aux pommes. It’s good and it’s the season. They are different from those (click on text not photo) :

chausson au Japon

That was a white compote and croissant pastry dough.

It’s a simple puff pastry (without yeast).

The compote is pink because it’s made with a vivid red Fuji apple grated with its skin.

It is very fresh…

Enjoyed with Earl Grey tea. Autumn leaves ? No, not yet… my evergreen indoor plants lose leaves all the time.

Lunette vanillée, vanilla cream spectacles

Sunglasses are for sunny days. On rainy days, eat rainglasses that will make you see the day in a shiny light…

I adored the lunette (glasses) when I was a kid. The local bakers all made it. Simple and delicious. I’m surprised it’s so rare over the world.

Super creamy. If you like pastéis de nata , pastel de nata, you can only love this too.

In the oven.

It’s simple : take left-over bits of croissant dough. Shape them in a long cord. Make a 8. Fill the holes with vanilla custard cream. Sugar on top. Bake.

Yummy ! I’ll make them again.

In the same family :
flan boulanger

Pause croissant

Second try to make the “classic recipe” of butter croissant. And well… I that’s not the way to go. It’s still too hot to try other types of recipes now. I will try Chef Simon’s recipe with lots of flour in the butter. Be patient…

Croissants for the challenge.

The weather was cool.. er, cooler. Not cool, less hot (26 C). I decided to let them longer time to expand. That did not improve.
It seems this type of yeast loses strength after I roll it.
PLUS : I made a mistake, I forgot the dough 30 minutes on the table. Massive melting… Hence the greasy appearance.

Dissection :

(no comment)

Degustation :

Disappointment. Well, got worst from supermarkets. They’re OK dipped in the coffee.

Well, maybe this is easier to make :
kouign amman