Mint cha gio, all your green leftovers inside Spring rolls


Veggies to use or lose, combined to an envy of nems as we say in France. I mean cha gio, the Vietnamese Spring rolls, that are a French favorite deli food. These rolls can be made in great style with many ingredients, deep fried and all. It’s a quick and casual version.


The filling is very simple : Minced lettuce, mint, garlic, onion and ginger. Salt, pepper. Mashed white beans. Fold in rice paper. Let a few hours to allow flavors to mix.


They could be eaten raw… if you don’t mind raw garlic and onion that are a bit strong. I pan-fried them.


The sauce : pounded garlic, brown sugar, a pinch of salt, chili and plenty of rice vinegar.


One side dish is a quick tsukemono (pickles) : grated daikon radish, broccoli leaves, cut sakura leaves, a little salt. Let 20 minutes then squeeze away excess liquid. A second dish is a “stalk” stir-fry in the space of pan next to the rolls. The menu :


Spring festival : here is the roll…

Spring chrysanthemum Spring rolls !

Still celebrating the Lunar New Year with food… Well this week is really busy, with also Carnival and Valentine. But this food is lighter and refreshing.

Let’s prepare the ingredients :

Rice paper.

Shungiku (young chrysanthemum greens), carrot, shrimps (boiled), onion (blanched).

Ground sesame.

Bean sprouts (blanched).

The dip : sweet chili sauce, rice vinegar and sesame.

It’s complete.

Let’s roll them…

Soupe du jour : Easy pork pho

The Vietnamese pho soup is usually made with a longly simmered broth. I didn’t make broth, I boiled directly the spices and veggies. That’s different, but quick and tasty.

a slightly more traditional pho

Pork, carrot, mushrooms and rice noodles…

… and South-East Asian plants I had in my freezer (lemon grass, galangal, citrus leaves, coriander leaves) and pantry (star anise, cloves, Sichuan pepper, dry chili, garlic). Then I added nuoc nam fish sauce, sugar and lemon juice.

The big bowl :

Cal 317.5 F 3.3g C 54.1g P 19.1g

Pho dans mon pot… (via Gourmande in Osaka)

Last year :

Pho dans mon pot... Beef stock slow-cooked (roast onion, ginger, beef, star anise, nuoc nam…). Noddles, raw onion (cut in advance), green leeks, beef meat, chili, frozen cilantro, nuoc nam. With diet version of noddles (konnyaku noddles) Cal 319.8 F13.9g C17.7g P33.6g Fr Bouillon de pho fait avec un oignon grille, du gingembre, de la rondelle de boeuf, de l'anis etoile, du nuoc name. Cuisson longue. Nouilles lights (au konnyaku), onion cru emince, oignon de printe … Read More

via Gourmande in Osaka

Rouleau de printemps, let’s roll the Spring…

Always the same, never twice the same…

Veggies, almonds. Rice noodles, coriander.

my sauce

On rice paper.

As paper was thin, I put 2 layers. I wet them and lay on baking paper. This way I can always fold them and they don’t stick to the dish or get torn apart.

Freeeeshhh !