Fish in salad


A fresh one dish meal.


A leftover of saba (macquerel) in the freezer. I’ve steamed and let cool, then took out the bones but I let the skin.


Boiled potatoes, parsley, carrot, red onion.


Fragrant herb.


Mix, add wine vinegar, oil, a little water, salt, pepper. Mix. Let overnight.


Serve with thyme. Mmmmm….


Pommes de terre nouvelles au cerfeuil – Greened potatoes



Maybe what I love the most about Osaka is having the bright skies year round. That’s usually like. Now we are having a little age of shadows. It’s incredibly dark, rain, pollen, smog… But not everything is lost as flowers are lighting it up. I’m not eaten the rape blossoms too, just taking the colors as inspiration.


It’s simply steamed potatoes and a chervil vinaigrette.


Chervil, chili, onion, salt, pepper, olive oil, red wine vinegar. Pour on the cut hot potatoes. And eat !


Poulet frites, a basic French meal

There are people that eat always the same things in France too. The poulet-frite people are many. Roasted chicken and fries. Most chicken love it. Grown-up kids too. So me too !

Honey chicken (recipe here) flavored with fresh thyme and laurel, fresh from a friend’s garden.

Golden and sweet.

Home-made fries are the best.

Golden and crispy.

Mesclun (baby leaves) with a tarragon vinaigrette. So we’ve eaten our greens.


Coleslaw is one of those classic that has no classic recipe. So you can make it 1000 times and different each time. Isn’t today’s a pleasure for the eyes.

Red cabbage, negi leek whites, kabocha pumpkin and goya bitter squash.

A simple rice vinegar and olive oil vinaigrette. What makes id special is th handful of negi greens and the 1/4 ts of nutmeg.

It’s delicious one hour after mixing.

There are still hot days. About bread with tomato…

Wow… 34 degrees Celsius. And it’s November. I want a Summer lunch.

There are still delicious tomatoes growing here. Tomato salad. Classic. Except for the mitsuba replacing the parsley.

A stir-fried flavored with salty shrimp (ami ebi).

Green hummus.

green hummus recipe, click here

Then bring bread… That’s the low quality baguette from the nearest supermarket. There is worse, I’m not so masochist. This one contain no weird additives, but that’s not crispy, not fluffy. I had to toast it.

Tomato on toast is good. But this is not the best.

This is magic. Saucer . To sauce ? Soaking the bread in sauce. It’s the greatest thing about tomato salad.

A bread sponge full of tomato juice and simple vinaigrette is a pure bliss. In France, if you are broke and you still want a restaurant meal, you go with your darling or a friend, and you order one salade de tomates for the two. Bread will be provided in infinite quantity for free so you can sauce together as long as you feel hungry… I remember a beach front restaurant owner really angry about it. The economy was gloom in the season, and that week, he had sold mostly tomato salads.

A cup of Bircher muesli as a dessert. That was too much. I didn’t finish all that, I kept some for dinner.