Pickling cukes : kimchi + cornichons à l’estragon



Two ways of quickly pickling small cucumbers.


I really had a big bag that I was not going to eat before they go bad. I don’t need pickles for Winter, just some that prolongates the cukes for a week.


Lazy kimchi : breaking the cucumbers in dices and mixing with kimchi from the store. Mix and close. The lacto-fermentation of kimchi will extend to the added vegetables.
They will be ready in one or two days.

Note : kimchi is nor vegetarian usually, but some versions without animal products can be made.


Cornichons is the French name for finger sized cucumbers, and for their pickled version. Estragon is tarragon. I’ve also added a small onion.


1/4 of vinegar heated with water. A few grains of black pepper. And there is salt. Let cool. Close.
They will be ready next week.


Rouelle de porc braisée au vinaigre balsamique (Balsamico soft pork roast)


An old fashioned cast-iron slow cooked roast, with its sauce and season steamed veggies. The balsamico vinegar brings the char color and some sourness that lights it up.


That’s a meal that takes 5 minutes to throw… and 2 days to cook, but you don’t care as you have nothing to do.
The cut is called sune in Japanese, I think it corresponds to rouelle in French, a round cut in the pork leg. It’s just ideal for this type of recipes.
A grated carrot, a grated onion, 2 chunks of garlic, a handful of oregano, 1/2 of balsamico vinegar, some water.
2 hours low heat. The next day, again, 2 hours.


The meat is easy to cut, with a pleasant soft texture.


The sauce : everything in the pot except the meat, passed in the mixer. I’ve added, paprika powder for the color, salt, pepper, reheated.


Steamed romanesco.


Steamed new potatoes.


And a little plate of stalks of spinach and mustard leaves, stir-fried with spices.



Sesame sweet and sour tofu


Tasty tofu. Good tofu is tasty. A tasty tofu dish.
I don’t like when people say “it’s a recipe for people that don’t like such ingredient”. If you don’t like tofu, there is no obligation to eat some. But,but… Let’s say this is a recipe that makes tofu taste and feel differently. It is marinated and prepared in a Chinese style sauce.


It’s very firm momendoufu (cotton tofu). I’ve put a plate on the block during 15 minutes to squeeze out excess water.
Cut, and mixed with a marinade (1 tbs soy sauce, a pinch of sugar, 2 tbs Chinese wine, 1/2 ts wuxi 5 spices mix) and let 1/2 hour.
Then I passed the cubes in a plate of potato starch and stir-fried till golden.


For the sauce :
Heat 1 tbs of sugar (here kurozato black cane sugar), when it’s getting into caramel.
On lower heat, add in water, paprika powder or paste, grated garlic, the rest of the plate of starch and the plate of marinade.
Stir till it takes texture. Add some black rice vinegar. Check salt, add chili pepper to taste, more water if you want.
Reheat the tofu in the sauce.


Top with a little fragrant sesame oil and toasted sesame seeds.


As a side a salad of lettuce, onion, parsley and umi-budo “sea grapes”.

DSC00119-003 umi-budo (more here)


Served with genmai (brown rice).


Bean terrine lunch

Open the fridge, sit down and eat… And it’s good. Sure, I had things in stock.

This vegan terrine that should have lasted… more than 2 days. It didn’t. Too good to stock. (recipe here : azuki terrine).

With hot rice from the rice-cooker. It’s hatsuga genmai, germinated brown rice as usual.

Tarragon vinegar pickles. I mixed red onion, cucumbers, yellow paprika, red chili. Just a few days in the brine (vinegar, dry tarragon, salt, water).

Dessert : the season fruit basket.

Balsamico glazed salmon, soba and kabocha teishoku Japanese lunch

Let’s eat salmon today.

It’s very simply prepared, cooked in the pan, grilled both sides, then a little more with balsamico vinegar.

The reduced sauce is poured on top of the fish.

Home-made soba. That was not a great idea to boil the kabocha at the same time to gain 4 minutes… but well, I’ll know for next time.

soba soba-mania, many soba variation

The water serves a base for a miso soup, garnished with the kabocha.