Sara udon lunch


Sara udon with 3 greens.


空芯菜 kushinsai, water morning glory. It’s a South East Asia classic green. With the tropical weather we have now, they can grow it easily.


Green pea sprouts.


Kujo is the 9th Avenue, in Kyoto. They don’t grow them in the street now, but maybe 200 years ago. It’s one of the many Kyoto area original vegetables.


I’ve stir-fried ginger, onion, garlic, kujo negi whites and kabocha pumpkin. Then added ankake sauce. I’ve added the 2 greens at the end. That’s my sauce to pour on :


Sara udon.


First side : cabbage and cherry tomato salad, with sesame oil dressing.


Second side : silky tofu, to eat with soy sauce and minced greens of kujo negi.



Cauliflower and sesame.
A delicious purée that changes from the classic potato version. It’s extremely creamy nutty and later, it’s very light in your tummy. Ideal for lunch on day behind your desk.

Cauliflower boiled till it’s half-cooked, plus home-made roast sesame tahini, salt, pepper.

Roasted sesame seeds on top.

Sprouts of water morning glory around.

Spicy chick peas and water morning glory sprouts

Another delicious and simple plant based lunch with hot spices.

I stir-fried this mirepoix with ajowan and mustard seeds.

I’ve added these soaked and boiled chick peas. And powdered curry spices.

Then on top some salt, chili powder and garam masala spice mix.

Kushinsai, water morning glory. Here, it’s the sprouted version.

Steamed only one minute.

The plate ! Mmmm…

Green minty chicken curry from the blog My Tasty Handbook

This the recipe from the blog My Tasty Hand-book. Click on the link to see the recipe and discover this blog.
I followed the recipe except for 2 points. I had no coriander, so I used more mint. And I had added a diced white aubergine to the curry.
Thank you very for this recipe, I had a great lunch.

That’s true that the smell when it simmers is really pleasant. The dish is delicious too, very light and fresh.

Brown rice, reheaten with turmeric, cumin, and a little butter.

Cherry tomatoes and water morning glory as a salad.

Spicy stir-fry of okra and the stalks of the water morning glory.

(1.5 serving of rice)
Cal 582.3 F21.5g C83.7g P28.0g