Special grilled veg’ pizza


Another low-hassle skillet pizza. Ideal for Summer.


I first cooked this dough in a skillet.


I garnished with chunks of steamed white aubergine, raw slices of zucchini.


Capers. Dried tomatoes in oil. Slices of fresh garlic. I painted the toppings with olive oil and passed 5 minutes under the grill of the oven toaster.


Simple and delicious.


Green minty chicken curry from the blog My Tasty Handbook

This the recipe from the blog My Tasty Hand-book. Click on the link to see the recipe and discover this blog.
I followed the recipe except for 2 points. I had no coriander, so I used more mint. And I had added a diced white aubergine to the curry.
Thank you very for this recipe, I had a great lunch.

That’s true that the smell when it simmers is really pleasant. The dish is delicious too, very light and fresh.

Brown rice, reheaten with turmeric, cumin, and a little butter.

Cherry tomatoes and water morning glory as a salad.

Spicy stir-fry of okra and the stalks of the water morning glory.

(1.5 serving of rice)
Cal 582.3 F21.5g C83.7g P28.0g

From cream to fire : moong dal and chicken in coconut stew

Creamy and dry hot.

Moong dals cooked in chicken broth, coconut milk, with chicken and coriander stalks and roots. The hotness comes from 1/3 of an ahi limo chile and whole black pepper.

Garam masala roast veggies : onion and white aubergine, oven-roast, spiced.

Autumn miso soup. The broth is made of onion and feet of dry shiitake. Toppings are lots of enoki mushrooms and a re-hydrated dry shiitake, plus green negi leek.

Garamasala chicken and moong dal puree

Cal : 686.5 F22.3g C82.7g P41.4g

Sauce on crispy noodles : sara-udon / age-soba

It’s Chinese ramian noodles that have been dried and fried. They are crispy like crackers. They are served with ankake, a thick sauce that contains veggies, seafood and/or meat.
That dish is called sara udon (plate + udon noodle) in Nagasaki and age soba (fried + soba) in Kyoto ? I’m not quite sure, but the 2 names exist for the same dish that is proposed in most izakaya (drinking restaurants).

I buy the fried noodles :

But I prepared the ankake from scratch with veggies (garlic, onion, cabbage, nankin pumpkin, bell pepper, white aubergine, cherry tomatoes, corn starch, oyster sauce and Sichuan pepper).
Pour the ankake on the noodles at the last minutes and eat imediatly before the noddles get wet and lose their crispiness.

And I served cod fish, with chili pepper and Sichuan pepper on the side.

(double serving of noodles)
Cal 696.5 F24.1g P80.7g C40.2g