Left over make over


A meal to empty the fridge around a big piece : a roast of white sweet corn. OK, that’s not a Christmas dinner. The idea was to use all the parts of veggies I had around before going shopping for fresher produce.


White cucumbers, salted. Rinsed after 20 minutes. They are juicy like melon.


A chilled kabocha and sesame soup. It’s deliciously creamy.

DSC06932-002 I had used the flesh of steamed kabocha for a salad. The skin is edible. So I used it in the soup.
I’ve added sesame seeds, miso, green chili, yellow paprika. Blended.


Boiled green soy beans and romanesco were in the freezer. Simply with yuzu lemon and chili flakes.


Grated daikon, goji berries, cashew nuts and black pepper.


I steamed the corn cob, then grilled in the oven toaster.


Pearly white

White corn is really sweeter, isn’t it ? Oh, that’s probably the same but I want to believe it. The color reminds me of silk. I love watching it.

It is delicious to gnaw it directly on the cob. It was really juicy, not the least starchy.

I made a corn cream with the second. I cooked it with milk, passed in blender (except a few grains), added butter and black pepper.

Here it’s simple : black soy beans (frozen), raw grains and what you see in the jar is this sansho tsukudani (click on text):

Sansho, la saveur boisee de la cuisine japonaise. (The wood flavor in Japanese cuisine.)

Pearls of maize

They sell it as “shinju corn”, pearl corn. It’s just white sweet corn. I prepared it as a chunky cream : the grains gently cooked with 1/2 cup of juiced corn, then 2 tbs of cream, a noisette of butter, a mignonnette of pepper. That’s the sweet taste of ending Summer.

I reheated fish bait (frozen) with red onion, bell pepper, chili pepper. Added cherry tomatoes. And :

Do you remember what those small balls are ? Home-made “sansho no tsukudani”.

Sansho, la saveur boisee de la cuisine japonaise. (The wood flavor in Japanese cuisine.)

This is miso soup :

Green miso ? No, no, just the classical brown organic miso. I simply garnished it with raw “pasted” moloheya leaves, blanched nameko mushrooms and okra shoots.

Nameko, sticky mushrooms

Cal 476.7 F11.9g C71.2g P32.9g