Black natto brunch


Tororo on my bowl of natto


A nagaimo, a long yamaimo or Japanese yam. Naga means long. We often buy only a cut, but the root is 60 cm long or more.


Grated. Tororo tuto.


Like an apple or an avocado, grated yamaimo tends to oxidate and darken in color. Or not, and that’s not previsible. But that was the case with this one so I’ve added juice of sudachi lime to keep it relatively creamy in color. That’s also a nice flavor addition.


Black natto (fermented soy beans). It’s often paired with grated wasabi.


Natto with rice is a regular breakfast item in Japan. So just that with tororo and green tea. A nice simple brunch.



Kuromame no shiso-ni : black beans, shiso and rice


Rice and beans, Japanese style. I think the shiso flavor is a nice companion for black beans and I had already paired them :

shiso bean empanadas

Kuromame, black soy beans. Soaked and boiled. They take lots of time to cook… depending on size and how old they are. Hard to predict, but don’t start now and expect serving them for next meal. Cook them the day before.


So I recooked the boiled beans in an oiled pan with onion, garlic, cumin seeds, a little paprika, salt. When the onions were cooked I’ve covered with bean cooking broth, let simmer. At the end, added cut shiso leaves in the beans, and some on top.


It’s a mix of genmai (brown rice) and akamai (red rice).


A simple soup : nameko mushrooms, hijiki seaweeds (dried), water. Then a little soy sauce when it’s cooked.


Steamed mizunasu aubergines and shiitake mushrooms.


Komatsuna no ohitashi (boiled and refreshed) with gomadare sesame dressing.



Avocado white bean sauce for ballerina pasta

Today’s quick meal. Pasta in a creamy light green sauce.

Do you eat lots of beans and pulses ? I took the habit to have one serving of them everyday to boost my protein intake. It’s easy. You can always stick one cup in some meal, or even inside a dish. And you eat less of something else.
I am not vegan..oterian (is there a general word ?) nor on any diet with exclusions, but I definitely eat less animal products than the average, which is not difficult. Even in Japan, so many people over-eat meat, fish, dairies and eggs. The quantity makes the poison. I think that sooner and later, you get negative side effects of any excess. So you don’t see only duck on this blog, but also beans, lentils, soy beans, peas, dals and products made of them, tofu, falafel, etc…

That’s a quick mash.
Mash a small avocado or half of a big one. Wet with 2 tbs of yuzu citrus juice and a little water. Add salt. Mix in cooked hot white beans. Mix to the hot pasta. Sprinkle freshly ground black pepper and a few sprouts. Serve.

Shall we dance with an al dente ballerina pasta…

.. or with Mr. Bean ?

Green Jalapeño pickles (it’s a can) mixed with cubes of daikon radish.

Dessert ?
Tatsukuri. It’s caramelised fish, that I bought this time, but the recipe is here.

Creme Budwig au riz rouge – red rice Budwig cream(via Gourmande in Osaka)

Last year…
The healthiest way to start your day ?

Creme Budwig au riz rouge Red rice Budwig cream. Dr Kousmine and her friend scientist Ms Budwig propose their recipe of Bircher Muesli. It contains the oils and good omegas, the minerals and vitamins our body needs to start a healthy day. That's a breakfast… which means a brunch for me. Budwig Cream generic recipe (you'll find many variations on the web) The idea is to very each day those ingredients so you get the benefits of different nuts, cereals, oils, and to follo … Read More

via Gourmande in Osaka