Black natto brunch


Tororo on my bowl of natto


A nagaimo, a long yamaimo or Japanese yam. Naga means long. We often buy only a cut, but the root is 60 cm long or more.


Grated. Tororo tuto.


Like an apple or an avocado, grated yamaimo tends to oxidate and darken in color. Or not, and that’s not previsible. But that was the case with this one so I’ve added juice of sudachi lime to keep it relatively creamy in color. That’s also a nice flavor addition.


Black natto (fermented soy beans). It’s often paired with grated wasabi.


Natto with rice is a regular breakfast item in Japan. So just that with tororo and green tea. A nice simple brunch.



Soba no mi, buckwheat as rice


Buckwheat groats (sometimes called buckwheat berries) are called 蕎麦の実 soba no mi in Japanese. Mi means fruit/nut, and maybe that’s not too far from the botanical reality as that’s not really a grain. They are often added to cook together with rice. And they can simply replace rice.



Cooked in the rice cooker on brown rice program.


I’ve added a few drops of sesame oil and black sesame for even more nutty flavor. No salt because I add it with :


Umeboshi natto.


Satsuma imo (sweet potato) and mizu nasu.


Platter of steamed veggies : suguna kabocha, satsuma imo, bok choi and chestnuts.


Not a pretty dish… This type of aubergine mizu nasu is usually served raw. I’ve sliced (I did) and cut in ribbons (roughly) the flesh. Salted. Rinsed after 19 minutes and sprinkles shikwasa lime juice.


A nice old fashioned meal.


Farro bis, a salad

A simple salad with an Italian accent.

I had cold left-over of cooked farro (spelt, wheat berries). With a fresh vinaigrette (olive oil, lemon juice, balsamico, basil, garlic). And lots of bell peppers, new onion.

After one night in the fridge, and well garnished. That’s very refreshing.

Red bean kibbeh, yellow split pea salad

Another delicious filling plant based lunch.

After the baked kibbeh :

kabocha kibbeh

I tried the fried one.

I’ve added half of the kintoki red beans pureed to the bulgur mix. The other half stir-fried with sesame seeds, hot spices, spinach, mint, onion, garlic and goji berries.
Pan-fried + baked.

The full shape… not a perfect ogive. I’m scared to put a name on the shape. You know what ? My online photo album refused this and a few in the series as their computer suspect it to be obscene.


The salad is made with yellow split peas.

I cooked them in the rice-cooker. I added veggies. It’s a balsamico oregano dressing added after the photos as it gives a dirty look to the dish and I don’t want more photos refused by the photo Inquisicion…

Nutrition :
569 calories F15.8g C97.6g P29.9g

Creme Budwig au riz rouge – red rice Budwig cream(via Gourmande in Osaka)

Last year…
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via Gourmande in Osaka