To-gan, Summer Winter squash

This big green object is a togan, tougan, 冬瓜 literally Winter melon, but the season started a while ago and lasts till Winter. It’s very popular in Hong-Kong to carve one and serve a soup in it.
It’s good for the hot days as it’s very watery, so it’s hydrating. To resist the heat, it is advised to avoid drinking and to eat your water instead, precisely with watery food. 

I cut the flesh. Put in a bowl with water and cook in the microwave. Easy. The taste is… What taste ? There is not much.

I’ve added a few bits of kabocha pumpkin, grated ginger and soy sauce. Let cool. And you have a refreshing Summer veggie.

With stir-fried pasta.

Enoki mushrooms, steamed, cooled, with Chinese black vinegar, miso and negi.

Salted hokke, grilled.

Well another good meal !

Playing with cucumber…

Deck of cards.


Surrealist staircase.

Vinegared cucumbers (black rice vinegar, onion, salt, peel of green yuzu)

Winter melon, with koya-dofu (freeze-dry tofu) rehydrated in its broth. Thai sweet chili sauce.

Summer’s Winter vegetable… PLUS buta to renkon no shoga-yaki

(about Koya-dofu) Fresh or Dry food ?

Pork filet, steamed with garlic and a little water. Ume chutney.

My chunky ume plum chutney…and beautiful skin nightcap

Mango paprika salad, with green yuzu juice, black pepper and red chili flakes.

Cal 422.8 F10.9g C58.8g P28.5g

Summer’s Winter vegetable… PLUS buta to renkon no shoga-yaki

Tougan, litterally “Winter melon”, because it grows in Summer ? It seems it’s name that way because it is refreshing food, that make you feel like in Winter in hot days…

I boiled it until it becomes melty, in water with dry fish for dashi, kombu, dry bamboo shoots, dry shiitake.

Buta no shogayaki is ginger pork. There exist many versions of it in Japan, sometimes cooked on teppan hot-plate, on braseros. This one is made in a simple pan.
I have added renkon (lotus roots).

Recipe :
Cut small slices or cubes of pork. Peel and slice the lotus root and 1/2 onion. Cut in mirepoix (small cubes) a dice of fresh ginger. Place everything in a dish, add a marinade made of 3 tbs of sake and 1 tbs of soy sauce.
Marinate 1 h in the fridge, turn the ingredients and let 15 minutes more on the counter while you cook something else.
Cook the meat
Cut more ginger, a clove of garlic. Heat a little oil in a pan, add the fresh ginger and garlic and 1 dry chili pepper. When it’s fragrant, add the meat. Stir it a few minutes till it&s 80% done. Take the meat aside.
Cook the vegetables :
Add the marinade and its vegetables, cover and cook a few minutes.
Return the meat to the pan. Mix 1 ts of cornstarch (or potato starch) in 1 cup of water. Pour into the pan. Cook slightly till the sauce is transparent. Add a little rice vinegar. Mix well. Serve with genmai, brown rice.

Cal 499 F15.1g C68.9g P22.2g