Power azuki fro-yo, ready in 1 minute

A refreshing post work-out drink. Frozen yogurt with a Japanese flavor.

In the blender :

1/2 cup frozen boiled azuki beans (unsweetened)
1/2 cup yogurt
a few ice-cubes
1 scoop protein powder (unflavored)
honey or sweetener to taste

Eat immediately ! Mmmmm….

South Pole dream (frozen compilation)

Ice !

Sorbet de cacao grand frisson

iced marquise

coconut paradise isle-cream

  Glace reine des fraises (strawberry)

Iced strawberry-banana

The simplest mango ice-cream

Sorbet de mangue petillant

glace Plombieres, a retro flavor

kabocha coco gelato

Mango sherbet and litchees

Nagano apricot ice-cream

avocado softcream (savory)

Mango and coconut

A little dessert :
Very easy : frozen mango + coconut milk in the blender. That gives you soft mango-coconut ice-cream.

It’s deliciously addictive.

Trois petites marquises noires


Marquise noire gourmande

Yield 4 servings as part of a dessert, 2 servings if there is only the marquise and sauce

cocoa mass 40 g
butter 40 g
sugar 5 g
egg yolk (1) 20 g
“creme de framboise”, a raspberry liquor 15 g
egg white (1) 30 g

Make a mousse : Beat egg whites. Melt cocoa, stir in butter, yolks, sugar, liquid, then, incoporate egg whites in 3 times. Pour in mold(s). Freeze 2 hours, then keep in the fridge. Or refrigerate 6 hours.
It tastes better the next day.

The plate is wet with more “creme de framboise”. The powder is sweet potato (Japanese cake ingredient).

Iced. Thick sweet cranberry juice on the plate.

With green tea.