Matcha tortilla tacos


A Mexican-Japanese fusion dish. I’ve added Japanese matcha tea, azuki beans and rice to tacos.


Azuki bean chili, with rice, green peppers, fresh thyme and dried tomatoes.


Wheat flour tortillas with matcha green tea powder.


Add a piece of steam corn cob. And wrap…



Chima sanchu. About shapes of leaves…

Korean chima sanchu lettuce, and mitsuba (3-leaf).

And chick peas. What relation ? Oh, this :

This salad is always present with yakiniku (local version of Korean barbecue). It’s sanchu, chima sanchu for the erudite. Probably and respectively *lettuce* and *chrysanthemum lettuce* in Korean. Some say sanche. Depends on how you want to mispronounce your Korean…

Oh it’s a lettuce. No special taste. It is conveniently long-leafed to allow you to make a food wrap. Oak leaf lettuce and romaine can do the trick too.

Mitsuba is a Japanese herb. Not parsley, not coriander. Light and present. You often see it on miso soup.

Boiled chick peas, reheated with tomato paste, a little kochujang, garlic, ginger, stalks of mitsuba… and a good splash of rice vinegar at the end.

Recipe :

Boiled chick peas :
I think they are much better than canned ones. I find there is an aftertaste of can. Then the cans are “garbanzo”, big variety, which are used for Spanish stews, and I prefer the proper Middle East chick pea.
Wash dry chick peas and let them soak in water, about 4 times the volume of peas, during 6 hours at least (overnight is OK). Bring the peas and water to a boil. Take away the foam. Cover. Let boil slowly till peas are tender (check every 10 minutes after 30 minutes). I usually prepare a big batch and I freeze some in silicone muffin molds. Then I have ready to use portions of peas that can be thawed quickly in the microwave, due to their small round shape. I also let a few freeze on a tray, so they stay apart and I can take a few to garnish a dish.

Red peas
Take 2 cups of cooked peas with their broth. Add 1 tbs of gochujang, about 2 tbs of tomato paste. Grate a little fresh garlic and fresh ginger. Reheat slowly. Add the cut stalks of mitsuba. I found the taste was too “sweet” and “dull” at that point, so I have poured about 3 tbs of Chinese black vinegar.
Serve with lettuce to wrap, and milled/pounded sesame seeds.

Bring the leaves.

Peas on sanchu, with mitsuba leaves and ground black sesame.

Roll around.