Purple, golden, sweet. Just potatoes.



A simple pleasure when it’s cold : eating a yaki-imo, a hot baked sweet potatoes.


Satsuma imo, Japanese sweet potato are more common in the red skin and pale yellow version.


There exist blue purple ones too.



Rouleau de printemps du jour : natto and cabbage, with dessert sweet potato

Surely an acquired taste. This Spring roll is very simple :

Fill the rice paper with cabbage, natto and seedy mustard. Add dry chili pepper to the tsuyu sauce.

White beans, whites of leeks, tomato, garlic and ami ebi (salted shrimps.)
ami ebi, salted shrimps

The sweet potato was still roasting during the meal. I had it with a few grammes of butter and of natural cane sugar. It went well with Ceylon tea.

This quick meal was made with all my leftovers, so now I can go shopping and refill my garde-manger.

Hot sweet snack, year 2

A quickie, just to say I am still snacking on baked sweet potatoes… instead of cakes. I have not regained the weight I had lost because I’ve kept the good habits of last year :

Not a cake, a hot sweet snack.

Satsuma imo sweet potatoes are still delicious. Purple, orange or yellow… This color is the most common here, with yellow inside, purple skin.

It’s great with my coffee.