Yell’Autumn 5 : Shan tofu with ra-yu

I made that Shan tofu :

Making Shan Tofu with modern kitchen equipment

I don’t know how they serve it in Myanmar, or other places where they make it. I didn’t want to fry it for the first try.
So I made a “ra-yu”, Chinese style spicy oil.

Sesame, dry flakes of garlic, hot chili pepper, natural sea salt (still humid), Sichuan pepper. Roast each carefully. Be careful, they need different time. Crush the big chunks, or not.

Mix in fragrant sesame oil and neutral white sesame oil. A little paprika powder for the color (that’s already very hot).

It’s great with all kind of dishes. Tonight :

Cal :188 F6.1g C29.9g P12g