Carotene lunch


Baked paprika, carotene powered.
I am not sure the body tells what it needs, but I wanted to eat this yellow orange color. I like thinking these food bring a lot of antioxidant β-carotene that I need now. Even if I’m wrong, I’ve eaten something good.


A yellow paprika and carrot *okara*. I made carrot juice, they are the grounds.


The filling is azuki beans, new onion, the carrot *okara*, turmeric, garlic, chili pepper, salt.


Baked. I’ve put a drizzle of olive oil on top. That favors vitamin absorption.


Today’s salad : chrysanthemum, young onion (salted, let 20 minutes, rinsed), parsley and ninniku no me (garlic stalks).


Dessert : citrus flavored torta di riso (see here).


A nice little three course meal, ready in few minute. The dessert was made a few days ago.



Veggieful crêpe festival…

February 2nd, Chandeleur, French crêpe day. Let’s make them colorful to celebrate the Spring. The weather is really cooperating…

Carrot crêpes.

Spinach crêpes.

With 2 fungi, shimeji and shiitake.

Wrapped !

Turmeric spaghetti with chicken kefta and goya, in yogurt sauce

A colorful and delicious lunch. As usual, it’s quick and easy to prepare.

These pasta…

…with this sauce.

I cooked the pasta in water with turmeric powder.

The keftas are meatballs made of mince lean chicken, coriander seeds, dry basil, ground sesame, red chili and I’ve added oil fried red onion.

Once they are cooked, I add yogurt and a little potato starch to make the sauce, salt, pepper and slices of goya bitter squash.

Side dish : kabocha tart (see here).

Sun in the plate. Turmeric fest.

I’d be miserable without my gold powder, the magic turmeric…

Tofu olive oil garlic and stir-fried. With turmeric.

With a little shredded cabbage.

Pasta also stir-fried with lots of turmeric. And a few veggies.

Served with chilled ratatouille cannelloni.

Purple Sauerkraut in monk’s robe

A colorful wrap lunch.

A wheat tortilla colored with turmeric (curcuma). The South Asian monk’s robes too are traditionally dyed with this spice. I always loved the color of this powder. Now, it is thought to be very healthy.

DIY quick tortillas

The veggie mix or how to empty your fridge : sauerkraut, onion, leek, tomato paste, azuki beans and some snow peas.

Ready !