Twilight roasted fish jaw


A simple early dinner.
ぶりかま焼き (buri-kama yaki).
I baked the jaw of a buri (yellow tail). I’ve simply drizzled oil + mirin + soy sauce on it and passed under the grill. Then, mmm….
That looks like nothing. The jaw of fish is often discarded and that’s great for me, because I can get it for a song. But if you roast it, you have a dish for a king. That’s the case for most big fatty fish, so try it with tuna and salmon too.


I had crispy radicchio (trévise)
that I ate with just a little salt and olive oil.


My usual veggie stir-fry.


Add rice, you have a yummy menu.


Mediterranean end of Summer

Sage blossoms.

Olive oil fragrance is floating in the air at lunch time. Ratatouille, couscous, sage and grilled fish…

Provence veggie delight. More about it later (I made a big batch)

Whole wheat couscous, reheated with curcuma.

The fish is buri (yellowtail, seriole). I painted this filet with olive oil, sprinkled sea salt and sage leaves and grilled. Oh, a trick : the fish was frozen, only 1/3 thawed. On purpose. So it grilled crispy outside and not overdone in the middle. Delicious !

Teriyaki buri, iodine and hopes

Teriyaki buri (yellowtail).

And 3 sides full of seaweeds.
Even if I am not affected personally -nothing happened in Osaka, I can’t feel unconcerned by the nightmare Japan is trapped in now. So many victims up there, and this scary nuclear accident.
I feel a bit guilty as many in the country are not eating a hot meal. Either they had to leave their houses for shelters, or they have no gas and electricity. I really hope things get better soon.

After seeing the news, I just wanted to munch a few moffle (mochi waffles). With nori.

I prepared the fish like I do teriyaki chicken (not to be confused with anything cooked in the “teriyaki sauce” popular in the US).
recipe of teriyaki chicken

The caramelised fish is so tempting… even when you were not in a mood to eat.

The leaves are crystalline ice plant.

3 sides. 3 seaweed sides full of iodine.
Well, I’m about 700 km away from the plants, surely in the zone where it would help to take iodine tablets. It’s psychological.

Rice with yaki nori (roasted sheets of nori), sunomono (vinegar dish, with wakame and the dry fish that served to make the dashi broth), soup (the dashi broth, wakame, daikon, soy sauce).

Kanburi Daikon, a Winter classic

This is an economic Winter dish. Longly simmered and heart-warming. It’s made with humble ingredients.
Daikon are huge and abundant. And it’s made with the “leftover” of fish.

The fish is buri, hamachi, etc, is Pacific yellowtail amberjack. I had never seen any of this seriole in France, but it’s very common here. It is particularly delicious in Winter. So it becomes 寒ブリ, kanburi, “cold amberjack”. The fishmongers cuts the fat and nice bits for sashimi, the lean and nice ones for teriyaki grilling. The small bits and the parts with bones are discounted. They are perfect here…

The daikon radish can be a little bitter. So, peel it, cut big chunks and boil them a while in water you kept from rinsing rice, or water in which you add a little corn starch.

A full pot… The daikon, the bits of fish, a mix of low sodium soy sauce and mirin (I like equal parts), a dry chili pepper, a piece of kombu seaweed, plenty of water… Forget it on the stove a long time, on low heat. Then taste the sauce, you can add more water if you find it too salty, or at the contrary continue a little without the lid to reduce it.
I have added the green bits of leaves at the end, and served with diced raw ginger.

Serve hot or cold. That can be a side dish. With rice, that makes a meal.

Like the Romans do

Spelt porridge was the daily meal of the Roman centurion. This version is a very thick one…

Double serving of farro (spelt) cooked in rice-cooker, garnished with spinach sauce, cheese, chick peas, shallot, olive oil, paprika.
Broiled yellowtail, Sichuan pepper, kabosu lemon, wasabi tsukemono

Cal 737 F15.3g C85.1g P65.3g

FR :
Epautre perle cuit au rice-cooker… et seriole grillee.