Colorful noshi mochi

I had showed some before :
dried mochi

These are flavored, and not home-made.
I’ve looked for more information. They are made from pounded cooked sticky rice (this is the definition of mochi).Then they are shaped and dried. In cool weather (0 C to 14 C), mochi can be hung outside to dry under sunlight. That’s why they are called noshi mochi or kan mochi (寒餅 = cold weather mochi), well, I don’t get why the noshi reading… but many sources say it’s the reason.

The whites have bits of kombu seaweeds. The greens owe their color to a wild herb called yomogi (Japanese mugwort).

(source : wikipedia’s Japanese page for yomogi)

The browns contain kuzato, Japanese black sugar. The yellow are colored with turmeric, curcuma. There are other natural flavorings according to the label but we can’t tell which is has what.

Toasted into okaki rice crackers :