Coconut black rice doria

Coconut power !
A light summer version of the doria gratin, with very sweet coconut and cinnamon flavors. The black rice is a sticky rice that naturally brings a sweet texture and flavor. It’s nearly a dessert. I could have eaten 2 or 3.

what is a doria ?

Black rice, young onion and carrot, stir-fried in coconut cream.

Layer 1 : cooked chick peas.

Layer 2 : the rice

Layer 3 : white sauce
It’s a leftover of millet white sauce. I have added more coconut cream. Reheated. Just poured on the rice.

Yummy !

Hayashi rice with maitake

Hayashi beef is a Japanese yoshoku classic. Yoshoku means “Western cuisine” but is used for all the dishes the Japanese adapted to their ingredients and taste from Meiji Era.

A Japanese home-cook would buy a brown sauce already made (canned or in blocks to melt like chocolate), usually a demi-glace. I had some home-made sauce.

So you stir-fry a bit big chunks of onion and thinly cut bits of beef. You add the sauce and simmer a while.

This time, I’ve added maitake mushrooms.


It’s served with rice and eaten with a spoon.

Tarragon carrot hamburg’

A veggie full Japanese style burger. Today it’s full of carrots and tarragon flavored.

A cheesy burger ?

Do you remember :

hanbaagu with greens (click on text, not photo)

Same principle : as much veggies as meat.

A carrot, a handful of tarragon leaves, a little onion, garlic, salt, pepper, hot chili. And ground beef. A little corn starch to bind that.
My tarragon leaves used to be fresh and dried in the fridge, but they retain lots of flavor.

You can cook it slowly and fully, it’s very soft :

The top is crusty. Yummy !
What are those sides ? More veggies. You can always add veggies.


Ultra soft. Not greasy at all. Delicately flavored.
Easy way :
-Wash your whole aubergines,
With pre-boiling, you avoid the unpleasant hard texture and they won’t be oil sponges
-slash them 1 or 2 times (to avoid explosion)
-put them in a salad bowl cover with water, top with a plate.
-nuke at 600 W, 10 minutes. Wait 10 minutes.
-take them with a fork, cut in cubes
As boiled bergines are boringly water, you wake them up in the wok.
-in the pan with the burgers (they get the grease from the meat, otherwise put them in hot oil). With garlic, fresh strings ginger and salt.
– more strings on top for service.

Leaves of molouhkia, with a little salt. Minced into this texture as sluggish as melted cheese… Eaten with shikwasa lime juice.

Toasted wonton sheets.

Hanbaagu – A burger with greens (via Gourmande in Osaka)


Hanbaagu - A burger with greens This is not exactly like in your local burger place… I often asked to Japanese Mums : "So you said you cooked healthy meals for your children. What is your specialty ? -Hanbaagu ! -Hamburger is healthy ? -Not hanbaagaa like in fast-food shops. Hanbaagu. It's full of fresh vegetables. And my kids love it…" Yes, Japanese style hamburger is a vegetable preparation. With a little meat in it. This is one of the classic "yoshoku" dishes. "yoshoku" … Read More

via Gourmande in Osaka

Veggie-ful shrimp doria

Today a shrimp Doria. Classic ? Nope, I dropped the 19th century sauces.
Mushroom Doria, and the “story” of the dish

My sauces are kabocha and broccoli.

Brown rice, stir-fried with onion, shrimps (big ones) and a tbs of ami-ebi. The ami-ebi are tiny salted shrimps. They melt and serve as a flavoring.

I melted a chunk of butter in the rice.

No pre-cooking for broccoli, just juicing and adding to the rice. Bottom layer.

The kabocha is boiled (5 minutes in microwave) and mashed with a fork, into sauce texture. Parsley. That makes a second layer.

Top is bread crumbs mixed with dried herbs, a little butter, then almond slices.

Out of the oven…

3 layers of bliss.

The whole casserole (made with 2 servings of rice)
Cal718.5 F26.1g C109.2g P29.0g