Yuzu koshio, the green spice

If you like it spicy, if you like green, if you like lemon flavor… this is for you. This green condiment is called yuzu koshio, yuzu pepper.
You can buy it but is very salty and not so tasty as home-made.

Green yuzu citrus, green chili peppers and salt.

Grate the green part of the rind of yuzu.

The chilis, emptied and pasted too. I mix sweet and hot to get a good balance.

Mix and add salt. If you want to keep a year in the fridge, you should add 10% of weight of salt. That’s a lot. I put much less. I store it only a few days.

And I freeze small servings (1 tbs). You can alo make cubes in a tray for ice cubes.