Avocado romanesco chilled soup, zaru soba, frozen tofu


A fresh and green lunch.


Avocado, blanched romanesco cauliflower, lemon, a little garlic, a pinch of salt. All that in the blender, with a few ice-cubes.


That gives a velvety green soup, filling and refreshing.

This tofu was firm tofu (momen, cotton) that I froze, then thawed. The texture and taste change. It gets closer to yuba.


With goya.


Juwari soba, 100% buckwheat noodles, boiled and refreshed in iced water. A chingensai (bokchoi) similarly prepared. With shredded shiso leaves.


The tsuyu dip is made of a broth of dry shiitake mushroom, shoyu and mirin.



Trial : home-made soba buckwheat noodles

I often eat soba buckwheat noodles. But this time, I’ve made them. Hurrah !

soba soba-mania, many soba variation

Buckwheat flour is not so easy to work. I don’t know the pro technique and I totally cheated.
-took buckwheat flour, added lukewarm water to wet it
-added as much durum semolina as necessary to make it not too sticky. I’d say, they are 30% semolina, 70 % buckwheat.
-passed into the pasta machine

Patatra ! Well, I’ve waited one hour and tried again. No problem. The dough needs to rest.

Boiled the noodles 2 minutes, let 2 minutes in old water, then I’ve rinsed and refreshed them in iced-water.
Important : keep the water in which the noodles boiled.

Serve along with a cup of tsuyu (soy sauce and dashi stock cold soup).

A few toppings.

A side dish : veggies seasoned with sesame oil and soy sauce.

Lunch is served !

Add toppings in the tsuyu, then deep the noodles :

Schlllurrrp !

I had told you to keep the water. When the noodles are eaten, reheat it and pour in the leftover of tsuyu with any remaining toppings.
You can finish the meal with 2 cups of soup :

Matcha soba, shiso pesto and veg’ freshness…

We’re getting into the days when you want to eat raw, cold, green, light…

Zaru soba is baaack ! It’s green because it’s matcha (green tea) flavored.
Click here for the soba compilation.

They are the perfect complement for :
shiso pesto.

The leaves are called “salad celery”, they have a very mild celery taste, aftertaste… well, they bring mostly color and fibers. The new onions have been salted, let overnight, rinsed. And the pink cubes are watermelon. Lots of crunchiness.

Parsley soba

No Japanese Summer without cold soba noodles.

Zaru soba

Grated daikon radish, squeezed from excess water. Chopped parsley.

Aromatic tsuyu : Chinese spicy broth, soy sauce, mirin, more dry chili and fragrant sesame oil.

Mix daikon and parsley in the cup. Dip the noodles and schhhhhhlllluuuuppp !
After you’ve eaten the noodles, fill the cup with the boiling broth from the noodle (cold or hot) and you have a little soup.

With salad and natto, that makes a meal.

SOBA ike-men (noodle arrangement)

Soba : Japanese buckwheat noodles made of pure buckwheat, buckwheat and wheat, or wheat and tea for matcha soba. Do not confuse with *chuka soba* and *yaki soba* which are ramen (Chinese style noodles).

More about noodle types :
Guided tour of my soba closet

home-made soba

Classics :

Old style soba lunch

Ikura tororo soba – fishy, creamy, chewy

Iwashi soba . Sardine soba-soup

Toshikiri-soba is Japanese New-Year kiss

Okinawan soba

Many variations :

hot salad pasta

soba cube

Crosses en goma-ae et soba

hatcho-miso soba

The “I am cold” Miso Soup

Soba chic sauce

Basil’n peas…

Zaru soba variation

with tomato tsuyu (zaru soba)

Instant ketchup for soba

Dry soba for rainy season

Matcha soba and rei-shabu

matcha soba bok choy

Soba and fragrant tofu

Soba and Five Fragrances

clams around the plate

Soba Mediterraneen (cheese gratin)