Pave de tofu aux champignons de Paris, riz cantonais aux fleurs de nira


Nira are in full bloom… Good opportunity to make “riz cantonais” (that’s how we call a stir-fry in France). And I don’t feel like eating meat in that heat, so a steak of tofu with mushrooms will do.

Pave de tofu :
It’s very simple, I simmered mushrooms and shallot in olive oil, added a little honey for sweetness, and roasted the scallopped tofu.

I take very hand-made momen-tofu (cotton tofu), one of the rougher and firmer we get here. But it’s good to make it more solid by squeezing out the water. You need a very expensive tofu press… or 2 cans : 10 minutes on a plate, covered by a second plate or whatever and 2 cans. Tons of water gets out. Then you can slice it in 4 square “steaks” or “pave” (paving stones).

Served with shredded basil, and behind :

… left-overs. Do you remember, the…

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