Poulet Dijon-Tahiti + Sweet Corn Sweet Rice


It’s the end of O-bon, the season when Japanese ghosts visit friends and relatives… What if we made a French foodie ghost turn himself in his grave ?
I’m calling M. Gaston Gerard, mayor of Dijon many decades ago. He was famous for his recipe of chicken with mustard and cheese. I adapted the recipe, slightly… (I suppose now the tombstone is starting to rise…)

For instance, for a start, let’s replace the cheese by coconut cream. LOL (the stone has flied away)

So simmer chicken drums in coconut milk and coconut cream, with a clove of garlic, leek whites and a small green hot chili. When the chicken is done, add a generous tablespoon of “moutarde fine”, the yellow paste type French mustard.
Throw in broccoli florets, leek greens (it’s Kyoto Kujo negi, a Summer leek with tender greens) and a sliced green bell pepper. Cover 2 minutes. Add…

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