Green & healthful

A vegan egg (left) and a freshly killed vegetarian egg (right). Kidding !

Seriously. this blog has many vegan posts even if I am an omnivo… no a delivore, I eat only delicious food, of all type. That may not be your case and I won’t discuss the matter. A few things to help you see the posts that interest you and maybe avoid seeing the rest :

pinterest 100% plant meals, selection of my vegan meals 2

I’ll had more there progressively.

It’s not so user-friendly as photos don’t show up, but it’s convenient, you can search by keywords on the “search motor” on the right bar. Or if you want the posts of this blog sorted according to your needs, click here for :

Special “dairy free” page
vegan plus vegetarian
gluten free
dairy free

Or if you can’t find something and you think I can help, ask in comments.

Enjoy the visit ! Come often !

My original vegan stinky not-a-cheese :

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