Wagashi saga 2 : Choco chip matcha-an daifuku-mochi (from mochiko)


The white soft mochi filled with anko (bean sweet paste) is often called daifuku, daifuku-mochi, very lucky mochi.

Today, this is not a classic mochi made from scratch like those you buy in shops (more about it soon).
It’s a home-made instant version. Like you can make pudding from powder and milk, you can make mochi from powder and water.

The powder you need is called mochiko.

If you make the following recipe with standard rice flour, standard rice powder, you will get a thick, sticky, waxy rice pudding called uiro in Japan… not the elastic mochi texture.


It’s a white powder sold in Japanese grocery stores. You often see it as ingredient for making wagashi (Japanese sweets).

Is mochiko = rice flour ? In Japan, no (I can’t tell about exported products), not in the sense of milled rice grains. The standard rice flour is called “komeko”. You…

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