Pizza heart

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That’s very simple tonight : a pizza.


Crust : half whole-wheat bread flour
Veggies : steamed aubergine, green bell peppers, black olives
Meat : chicken hearts
Cheezy sauce : miso, sake kasu, olive oil
As it’s too hot for the big oven, I baked it in the oven toaster. The shape is weird as the dough ran away, but that was yummy.


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Willow leaf fish

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Komochi shishamo. Shishamo smelts with their kids. The body is full of roes.


柳葉魚shishamo means literally “willow leaf fish”. That’s when they hang them for drying after salting that the image takes its sense. An Ainu legend says a man was complaining near the river that his daughter was suffering from hunger, and the water’s Gods heard him. They grabbed the branch of a willow, so a few leaves fell into the water and transformed themselves in fish.


I simply grilled them.


Konnyaku sashimi, with sweet chili sauce and sesame. Goya around.


Myoga. Other sides are mesclun salad and grated daikon radish.



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Vitamin colors

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Three refreshing dishes to munch over hot days. Mix and wait. They served as side for several meals.

Step 1 : leafy tabouleh


Grating ginger.


Grating yuzu peel.


Cutting molokheya. Adding the ginger, citrus peel, leaves, turmeric, onion (grated too), garlic (grated too), salt and water to couscous.


Mix and wait.

Step 2 : green purple coleslaw


Just red cabbage, green bell pepper, daikon radish (grated in threads), yuzu citrus juice. Mix and wait.

Step 3 : grilled Summer salad


Aubergine, red bell pepper and green bell pepper roasted in the oven toaster. Then seasoned with olive oil, rosemary, chili flakes, salt. Mix and wait.




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Pineapple biryani

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That’s biryani party at the Daring Cook’s challenge.

Grace, one of our talented non-blogging Daring Kitchen members, was our Daring Cooks’ August hostess who shared with us some of her family’s tried and true Bengali Biryani recipes – all of them delicious and all of them prepared fresh from our own kitchens!

I had a weird one in archives :

fusion biryani

I made 2.

DSC07256-001 seafood biryani (coming soon)

And this veggie biryani with a fruity touch :


Pineapple biryani. I took the recipe at the end as a guideline…I drifted away a little to adapt to my products.


Pineapple is the accent.


Pearl sweet corn.


Okra and red bell pepper. I used these season veggies for the gravy. I replace the coriander by mitsuba leaves.


The gravy, with home-made ghee.
Besides I prepared a ghee flavored rice with turmeric, cashew nuts and pineapple dices.
I had no basmati…

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Poulet Dijon-Tahiti + Sweet Corn Sweet Rice

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It’s the end of O-bon, the season when Japanese ghosts visit friends and relatives… What if we made a French foodie ghost turn himself in his grave ?
I’m calling M. Gaston Gerard, mayor of Dijon many decades ago. He was famous for his recipe of chicken with mustard and cheese. I adapted the recipe, slightly… (I suppose now the tombstone is starting to rise…)

For instance, for a start, let’s replace the cheese by coconut cream. LOL (the stone has flied away)

So simmer chicken drums in coconut milk and coconut cream, with a clove of garlic, leek whites and a small green hot chili. When the chicken is done, add a generous tablespoon of “moutarde fine”, the yellow paste type French mustard.
Throw in broccoli florets, leek greens (it’s Kyoto Kujo negi, a Summer leek with tender greens) and a sliced green bell pepper. Cover 2 minutes. Add…

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