Couronne de framboises – Rasperries on panna cotta

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A treat as a first post of the second part of the year !
Raspberries are totally absent of Asia, it seems. They are a rarity. I never see them for sale… but miracle ! I’ve got 50 grammes ! About 20 small berries. A luxury.

I’ve made a quick panna cotta (gelatine, water, light vegetal cream, lakanto sugar, vanilla extract and Chinese apricot liquor). It’s not really white. There are traces of… gold.

Cute, no ? That was cutelicious.

One crown of rasperry panna cotta :

Cal 90 F7.5 C2.1 P2.2

All meals of June 2010 : Illustrated Menu

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Chilled molokhia and tarako soba

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To dishes refreshed for Summer. The green broth molokhia, raw and chilled. And tarako pasta, in cold soba mode.


モロヘイヤMoloheya as they say here, or mulukhiyah, molohiya or molocha, corète potagère, mouloukhia… Well that herb of Pharaohs.


Made into chilled soup. In the blender : a cup of leaves, a little harissa hot chili paste, a branch of coriander leaves and 2 ice-cubes. More coriander to garnish.


Tarako, salted fish roe.


Juwari soba (100% buckwheat noddles), butter, tarako and shredded umaina greens.


Mixed. Served at room temperature.


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Avocado romanesco chilled soup, zaru soba, frozen tofu

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A fresh and green lunch.


Avocado, blanched romanesco cauliflower, lemon, a little garlic, a pinch of salt. All that in the blender, with a few ice-cubes.


That gives a velvety green soup, filling and refreshing.

This tofu was firm tofu (momen, cotton) that I froze, then thawed. The texture and taste change. It gets closer to yuba.


With goya.


Juwari soba, 100% buckwheat noodles, boiled and refreshed in iced water. A chingensai (bokchoi) similarly prepared. With shredded shiso leaves.


The tsuyu dip is made of a broth of dry shiitake mushroom, shoyu and mirin.



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Etxeko biskotxa : the Basque pie invasion !

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My etxeko biskotxa. Home-made gâteau basque. No, you’re never too rich. Particularly if you’re a cake. Or if the currency of your fortune is a delicious specialty…


Yes. I have 5 ! But they are small. And I shared. And they could have been bigger and I could have not shared and eaten them all too…


Vanilla cream. This is the classic ! There is a good recipe given by the museum dedicated to this pastry.


Framboise (raspberry) and cassis (black currants). Bought jams.


Home-made ume plum jam to fill the 4th type :


Yes, that makes 5. There were 2 vanilla ones.


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Hot, hot, hot. A so hot’s day falafel lunch.

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For hot, 3 dishes heaten up by harissa hot chili sauce.

Falafels (chick peas, baking soda, onion, garlic, bread crumbs, green negi leeks, pepper, coriander seed powder) pan-fried in olive oil. And harissa. (hot 1)

Gaspachito made of tomato passata, chili flakes, basil, olive oil. (hot 2)

Harissa natto (hot 3) with green chili, onion.
And lots of refreshing cucumber.

With 5 falafels
Cal633.5 F20.0g C89.5g P28.9g

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From red unagi to green vinegar. Summer food rainbow.

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Nothing beats local season food.

Kabayaki unagi eel (from Kyushu). Reheated, read how here :
Unagi… fighting the heat with the Japanese eel

The first Japanese kabocha arrive now on market stalls.

Steamed garlic stalks, raw naga imo potato (Chinese yam).
naga-imo potato

Black rice + hatomugi. Hatomugi is a cereal that is said to cool you.

Other hatomugi dishes :

Chou farci au pied de cochon -Hatomugi cabbage roll
Mame gohan. Green peas and rice.

Green vinegar is one of those classical Japanese food that “makes you feel the season”.
The skin of a cucumber is grated and add to vinegar. I used black vinegar and a little sea salt.

Powdered dry sansho on the unagi, green vinegar on the naga imo.

(without the edamame and sake)
Cal 522.8 F18.7g C63.0g P26.7g

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