Oroshi udon, Kyoto style noodles

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Oroshi udon literally means grated udon. That’s not that the noodles are grated, but because some grated daikon radish (oroshi daikon) garnishes them. It’s very refreshing and many Japanese style fast-food offer this dish : chilled udon noodles, grated daikon and tsuyu sauce.


細うどん hosoi udon, thin udon noodles. They are said to be Kyoto style udon, but they are popular in Osaka too. I think thicker udon is better for Winter dishes and these are more refreshing.


The grated daikon radish, cut negi leek greens a few flakes of togarashi chili.


It’s tsuyu.
I made a fish flake dashi (recipe here), flavored with soy sauce and a little brown sugar. Served chilled.


卵焼きtamago yaki (Japanese omelet rolls) and okra.


Cream water melon. Taste is like the red one.


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Island pharaon’s

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Too hot for food shopping. I ate F.L.O. (frozen left overs). Do you recognize the elements ?

Okinawan shiri-shiri drink (today tomato juice + awamori sweet sake + meyer lemon juice + shredded goya)
Okinawan rafute pig trotters with kombu.
Shiri-shiri and trotter lunch, Okinawan style


Organic couscous, moloukhia (reheated with green chilis and chick peas) and quail eggs.
Pain de campagne, moloukhia and ras-el-hanout chick peas…

Cal 694.5 F29.7g C81.0g P29.5g

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Cool soup hummous

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Made with tasty small organic chick peas, it doesn’t need much seasoning.
The peas are soaked and simmered. As they were small, I didn’t add any soda, and the peels became very soft in spite of that.

Peas are reduced to a fine cream in the blender with juice of sudachi lemons, a few drops of fragrant sesame oil, a pinch of natural sea salt.
When it’s cooled, add a few peas. It’s already great.

A drizzle of good olive oil, cumin seeds, Italian parsley… and that slips into your mouth.

Today’s home-baked bread, fresh season veggies.

The little red stuff is harissa.
All that was really pleasant to eat in that hot humid day, and I felt really light and energetic after lunch… unlike most of the crowd in the subway, completely zombified by the weather.

Cal 531.5 F15.1g C84.8g P19.3g

P.S. : If want to read more about…

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Sweet corn masala and tartelette a la mangue

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A fusion version of the Indian dal masala (lentil curry). Really quick and easy. And a gorgeous dessert.


Stir-fried sweet corn with green soy beans and onion, The spices are a dal masala mix and turmeric.


Added enoki mushrooms, and some greens (umaina). A little lemon juice.


The earthiness of the soy beans.


The sweet freshness of corn.


With leftovers of dough for the gâteaux basques, I baked the crust of a tartelette and a few cookies. On the crust, big dices of mango. Plus a pinch of ground salt and hot chili. You have to try that, just a pinch on mango, and it enhances spectacularly the flavor of a fruit that is already delicious.
Great dessert.



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Hiya yakko fresh simple lunch

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冷奴 hiya yakko, literally chilled cubes. Cubes of tofu. That’s the symbol of Japanese Summer.


Negi leeks. Well just the greens are needed now…


Chop thinly.


Take freshly made quality tofu. Silky is the most popular for this dish. Chill it. Serve cubed with the negi and shoyu soy sauce. Or other toppings of your choice.


People hate or love okra’s jelly texture. That’s what make this veggie great for hot days. It helps for hydration.


Fresh skewers. The okras are blanched and refreshed in iced water, then cut.


The season of the famous Japanese peaches is arriving. This small one makes the perfect conclusion.


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Sashimi sudachi somen

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Sashimi, raw slices of salmon and tai fish.
Somen, white vermicelli noodles.
Sudachi, small green lemon.

All that refreshed by ice-cubes. I poured a little sudachi juice on the fish 15 minutes before.
In a cup, the rest of juice + soy sauce = sudachi ponzu. I added ice-cubes, a little water.
Shredded a cucumber, added to the veggies that came with the sashimi (shredded daikon radish, sprouts, leaves of shiso). Boiled the somen noodles, 2 min, refreshed.

The marinated fish.

Cal : 314 F3.2g C45.3g P27.0g

Another somen meal :

What could be fresher than fresh ginger ? White breeze lunch.

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