“Sichuan huiguorou” styled chicken

The basic recipe is of 回鍋肉 huiguorou. Meat returning into the pan. That’s Sichuan ‘s twice cooked pork.
Today, it’s chicken.

The idea is to cook the meat twice to have it more tender. First it is slowly boiled. Then let cooled, and cut. And stir-fried.

douchi, fermented black beans are one of the traditional seasoning. There should be chili sauce and bean sauce with it.
I made my mix of chili paste, harissa and these pasted beans. Of course, garlic and ginger.

The ingredients ready to stir-fry. There is a cup with 2 dry shiitake mushrooms, so I added them and also their broth.

With a little fragrant sesame oil, chili mix and Shichuan pepper.
That’s really delicious and tender. That seems dry on the photo but I had some liquid sauce under.
There was enough for 2 meals.

Served with sage walnut pesto rice noodles.

2 days later : reheated stir-fry of the l.o. of noodles and chicken. Double yummy !

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