Kaki-age tendon, a fried twist on rice and veggies

The shutter opens on tempura and sauce on a bowl of rice. It is a popular Gourmande eat-out. I’m afraid that it “was”. I mean that’s the first time I make mine, and I love it so much more that those they serve… Well some shops make it good, but not at my ideal serving size (smaller), nor on brown rice. Few make their sauce and it’s often too salty.

Let’s explain kaki-age tendon .
Take tempura, a style of Japanese battered fried veggies and seafood, and domburi (a big bowl of rice), and you obtain 天丼 tendon. It means “paradise bowl”… or it’s a short for tempura-domburi. You choose the one you like.

And this is kaki-age. It’s a mix of julienned veggies and sometimes a few small pieces of seafood, made in a hand-full size amount, and fried as tempura.

Here it contains : sweet potato, onion, negi leeks and a few bits of kabocha.
It’s a vegetarian version (not vegan, there is egg in batter).

I made a few a while ago, on a big tempura day, and I stocked in the freezer. They defrost perfectly, I put one 10 minutes at 120 degrees C, then 2 minutes a 160 degree C in the oven-toaster.

On rice (brown for me). Hello domburi !

Sauce, home-made… home-mixed.

Shichimi-togarashi (7 spice mix), sesame.

Let’s have the teishoku (proposed menu).

Sakekasu soup, kabocha, mushroom.

Daikon radish. It is often served with fried food as it favors their digestion.

7 thoughts on “Kaki-age tendon, a fried twist on rice and veggies

    • I freeze many things (to avoid throwing away leftover), and I think nearly all fried, baked or simmered food can be frozen with little or no loss of quality. The thing is to freeze small portions (thin layers) and defrost carefully.

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