Cake salé au fromage et aux piments jalapeños

French cake with Jalapeño peppers and cheese. That’s the recipe from the blog Everyday Cooking. Thanks for the idea.

Cakes salés, savory cakes, have been a big fad in France a few years ago. They come in many flavors and are very convenient to serve many as an appetizer, a first dish, or for buffets. Leftovers make portable snacks. OK, at some point, the olive and ham version became the classic you’d get at all your aunties’ and all village marriages, so that was started to be boring. For me that was a while ago, so I was a glad to have some. And Jalapeños bring an original touch.

I had an opened canned pickled chiles, so that was the occasion. There were a few carrots with the red ones. I’ve added a little rice bran to the flour. For the rest, I have followed the recipe (eyeballing).
I thought I had greased the mold enough, but no, I was unable to take out the whole cake. I had to cut out the wedges and they went out one by one.

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