Shiri-shiri and trotter lunch, Okinawan style


Beat the heat and ungraceful aging with Okinawan cuisine. As I said in another post, Okinawans are now living longer than anybody else. They have many more centenarian and they stay in great health longer. Some research has found that people in their 80’s and more had their body, including DNA telomere as if they were in their early 50’s. And that would be due exclusively to lifestyle. So doing nothing on the beach and protesting as a full time occupation (I’m joooking~), and their food.

The trotter is full of collagene, which gives you a skin of baby pig without any wrinkle or blemish (maybe). And well, French people like eating that too, which means it’s good. It can be badly cooked. It’s good only when cooked so longly that it has lost the caoutchouc feel and it melts in the mouth.

Go~ya no shiri-shiri

Shiri-shiri is “grated food”…

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