Runny, on the run : bûche aux marrons glacés

Training chrissy cakes are not always perfect in shape. They still get eaten.

Runny like an old camembert… Really, there was not enough time to let the cream cool and thicken.

Christmas’s amber : marrons glacés. What is great is those candied chestnuts are very difficult to make in only one piece. Even the pros fail many.

So they have to discount the broken bits. And they are as delicious. It’s perfect for cakes.

It’s a vanilla custard cream, with small “gems”, rolled inside a slightly chocolaty biscuit de Savoie cake, wet with brandy.

The snow too is full of land mine marrons. These 2 should be careful.

4 thoughts on “Runny, on the run : bûche aux marrons glacés

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