And duck :

Well : creamy saffron polenta with ratatouille, duck, fried garlic and chiffonade of herbs. That would make a long title. For a simple meal.

I was craving creamy polenta since I’ve seen the one on Cooking Healthy For Me blog. The chef is in an Italian period and that looks so yummy there…

Well, I had polenta grits in stock. Very easy : I add lots of water (4 volumes) and cooks in microwave. Then I add either more water/stock, seasoning… to get the taste and texture. I added parmesan cheese, olive oil, salt, pepper and sweet spices : coriander seeds (powdered) and saffron.
I loved the nearly fruity flavor. Added a little saffron and olive oil on top. Served with juicy ratatouille.

OK I cheat ! I had frozen ratatouille made another day (click here).

Autumn herbs are particularly fragrant. And that’s magical… I take…

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