Gâteau au yaourt d’Osaka – Osaka yoghurt cake


A bright idea… Many shops in Japan are famous in the whole country for one product that they have proposed unchanged for decades. Sometimes it’s not good at all, but it’s famous. So every year, new shops open and announce they have been famous for ages… That doesn’t matter. People make long queues to get some.
For instance : Osaka yogurt cake from Boston.
If you live in Japan, you can order one, frozen. It’s from Osaka. Boston is the shop’s name.

A fresh yogurt cake perfect for the season. That’s not the common yogurt cake “cakus yogurtus ordinarus” that everybody knows from kindergarten. It was usually burnt on the top. Well, at my grandma’s. That was a way to know it was the yogurt cake… Here, the yogurt is a topping :

That’s not a very complex cake. They show us how to make it :

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