Spring ikanago in Spring rolls, with gomadare sauce

Japanese fresh fish bait, with sweet and sour sesame sauce (goma-dare)…. fusion with Southern rice-paper raw Spring rolls. That’s a very fresh and tasty combo.

Ikanago are small Japanese eels. It’s the season and they were sold raw. These are “produced in Osaka”, so it seems they farm them. I rinsed them in water and boiled quickly in salty water. It is said the water has to have 4% of salt like seawater. Well…roughly, I did that.

Mungo bean sprouts, slightly crushed sesame seeds.

Saya ingen beans, steamed kabocha pumpkin.

All that is rolled inside rice-paper.

Gomadare : The sauce is made by pounding sesame seeds, garlic, dried chili pepper. Then rice vinegar, white miso and brown sugar are mixed in.

4 thoughts on “Spring ikanago in Spring rolls, with gomadare sauce

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