Tamago-dofu (egg tofu)

This is a pleasant Summer dish. Tamago dofu, egg tofu. It’s not really tofu as it doesn’t contain soy at all. It’s an egg custard.

It’s very easy :
-break eggs, add a similar volume of water, a little soy sauce and a little mirin.
-beat well, pour in a mold and cook in a steamer (about 20 minutes, check with a toothpick)
-un-mold and cut when it’s cooled. Serve chilled.

To get esthetic perfection (not like here), pour your eggs twice or more through a fine mesh skewer to eliminate the foam.

You can use stock or dashi as the liquid, substitute soy sauce by salt and mirin by honey.

My box didn’t fit in my steamer, so I took a wide pan, in the bottom, a layer of kitchen paper, a plate, a second layer of paper, my box, the lid… Don’t forget to put water in the bottom of the pan.

Chilled crab flesh (with lemon juice, a little awamori sweet sake and hot chili).

A flower of basil.

4 thoughts on “Tamago-dofu (egg tofu)

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