November market day

A lunch made with the super bargains at the shotengai (shopping street). Season local produce rule.

And the season is oscillating between Summer and Autumn… It’s a long hesitation this year.
For 1 coin, 100 yen (about 1 euro, 1 US dollar…), you can get :

A whole kabocha pumpkin.
Or :

6 aubergines, to make brinjal chutney (click here).
Or :

3 or 4 yuzu.
Or :

A dozen of fresh sardines.
I got all that, and I have for more than a meal. So let’s go.

It’s easy to make shio-yaki, Japanese style grilled fish. Empty, head off and clean the sardines.
Put them wet on a grill. Sprinkle a little natural sea salt. And grill about 5 minutes (I put them in the oven toaster).

Grilled. Crispy. Very fragrant !

Serve very hot, with yuzu.

Boiled slices of kabocha. With rice and sorghum (leftover from here).

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