The head up toward Spring. Rishun, the day after Setsubun, old Japanese Spring day

Setsubun iwashi. Spring sardine.

I said I had holly in the post about Setsubun Spring Festival tradition… well, it’s not normal Xmas holly.
hiiragi is a sort of osmanthus.
I showed you the fragrant flowers before. That was not exactly the same tree.

post about osmanthus

So it seems the belief is this branch (with its cutting leaves) and the head of a sardine (for the smell) can scare away the oni (devils) that visit on Setsubun (Feb 3rd).

Also the fish head is leaning up to the rising Spring…
That was salted sardine that I simply grilled. Oh, they had not emptied before salting it, so yep, that smelled seriously. Devils all left my flat, my building, the street…

To “rinse” the mouth romanesco cauliflower and some sprouts.

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