Nameko, the funny mushroom and Seoul Summer noodles

Korean soba noodles and Japanese nameko mushrooms.

First, let me present you Miss Nameko. It’s a mushroom with a girl’s name and a fav’ topping for Japanese Summer noodles (served cool). Most of the time, you can buy them already boiled, and most restaurants serve those… and I don’t like them because of an unpleasant bitter aftertaste. That’s only when I could taste fresh ones that I started to like nameko.

A pack of raw nameko :

Raw the nameko is not dry, not wet : it’s sticky. It’s full of glue around.
When you cook them (about 1 minute in boiling water, refreshed in icy water)… the glue takes a jelly texture :

It’s very refreshing to eat.

Seoul noodles… well, Korean soba noodles :

They look like “hair” of a plastic doll when you buy them (raw, non refrigerated or refrigerated). I often buy only the noodles, this time I had stock with them.
I don’t like their stock, too salty, glutamate, faux-sugar (stevia), coloring, what’s not… but it’s convenient. I had no time.
Normally for this dish : make a simple stock (fish, meat or seaweed + garlic and onion), season it “sweet and sour” with sugar/honey and rice vinegar, salt at your taste. Cool it with ice-cubes.
That was beef stock… I have used 1/2 add water, dry garlic, more vinegar, so salt was less dominant.
Pass the nooddles 1 min in boiling water, refresh in icy water.
Garnish with toppings.

As you see, boiled eggs, leaves of daikon radish, nameko, baby okra, daikon radish, a leaf of shiso (perilla). And kimchi.

Cal 506.5 F10.9g C80.6g P30.0g

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