Not a cheese, bien fait

A great tartine ! Is it cheese ? No, no. I have never found the cheese made in Japan great, it’s abominable, bad, neutral like a block of plastic, not too bad, but they don’t have the talent. This is something else :

misozuke tofu (tofu marinated in miso).

And this one is GREAT !!!!!

I didn’t make it. It’s a present, from the North of Japan.
The package indicates the tofu was marinated 6 months in miso. If you don’t know miso read this.

I want to make mine… but 6 months !!!

It’s wrapped in a paper-cloth, that was a *cheese* cloth traditionally.

This is a photo of fresh tofu. So you can appreciate the change of texture :

That’s how it became, really cream, melty. Unlike Chinese stinky tofu, it doesn’t stink, the smell is very light.
How to describe the taste ? It’s salty. It’s strong. It’s complex. It’s deep. It’s de-li-cious !

French style, with bread and red wine :

5 thoughts on “Not a cheese, bien fait

  1. We loved this when we were in Japan, and since we couldn’t find it back in the United States, we’re now making it ourselves! It’s not so hard and you can start enjoying that creaminess at 2 months.

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