Cake for gold days

At the color of the light… bits of sweet potato and goji berries in a soft almond perfumed cake.
That’s another ok’ cake, with 2 small additions :

Sweet potatoes. Boiled. Chunked with their cute pink skin. Wet with vanilla essence.

Kuko (goji berries).
After baking, I poured on a few drops of bitter almond.

Perfect !

5 thoughts on “Cake for gold days

    • Maybe the goji berries you had were salted, but that’s not natural. I get them dry, for very cheap. They look like red raisins, but they not less sweet, a little acid, more like cranberries. We can find them fresh here, well they sell the plant to grow on your balcony. Raw the fruit is really acid. They are considered as power food by Chinese medicine. They say you should get some everyday, but no more than a dozen.

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