Guilt free chocolate cake

Isn’t it a nice chocolate cake ideal for coffee time ?
It tastes great, I can tell you.
And you think, it’s indulging… Not at all. It’s healthy.
Why ? No flour, no butter, no other dairy, not much sugar… and tons of fibers. Plus I eat my greens…

The secret ingredient is okara

Click here to see how it’s made. We can also buy it easily and very cheaply in Japan.

Egg (1), sugar (as you like) , cocoa powder (3 ts) and okara (50g). Mix in this order, whisk well. Bake 20 minutes (180 C).
(adapted from this Japanese recipe)

N.B. The proportion worked with home-made okara. The okara I get from the store is dryer. So I have to had water to the batter, then it is the same.

It really has a texture of cake.Perfect. Not dry. Not gooey.

Goes so well with mint and blueberries…

15 thoughts on “Guilt free chocolate cake

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