Warabi sauce baked shiitake and muffins

Small bites. Baked shiitake mushrooms, and muffins with bits of shiitake and green pepper.
Autumn is getting near, so mushrooms become tempting. Actually that doesn’t matter as shiitake are produced year round, but I remember we had many mushrooms in woods in that season when I was a kid.

For the batter, I tried something and yeah, good. I cooked some warabi mochi (bracken starch) mixed with water. In 2 minutes, I got a sort of paste. When it cooled a little, I’ve mixed in one egg, some strong taste grated cheese, baking powder and a little potato starch. I filled the shrooms… With the rest of batter, the feet of the shiitake and some shishito peppers, I made muffins.

A green yuzu. I’ve flavored the cabbage salad with its zest and juice.

One thought on “Warabi sauce baked shiitake and muffins

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