Days of yudofu (+ a quick pasta)

It’s getting chilly. It’s time to “boil” the tofu.
Well, you need tasty tofu, hand-made style :

Then a broth, very hot to bath it :

It’s simply the boiling water of my pasta, transfered to that bowl, just too keep the tofu hot. You don’t cook it. It’s already cooked. You need sauces or toppings :

The quick option, soy sauce, sesame oil, shichimi 7 spice mix and grated ginger.

I also had pasta. They are bathing in a purple broth (I prepared azuki beans), topped with spinach leaves, then tomato paste.

Thyme for flavor.

That will steam together. Then I added cheese (melty no name, and a little real parmesan).

2 thoughts on “Days of yudofu (+ a quick pasta)

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