The day my goldfish fell into the bouillabaisse

It’s a kinmedai (golden eye snapper). The color is really spectacular. That’s not the most delicate fish in the seas. That would be complicated to keep it as a pet. If you’re Japanese, you put it in a nabe (hot pot), and if you are French in a bouillabaisse. Or the contrary… Today it’s bouillabaisse.

Well, a simple home-made bouillabaisse, with the few ingredients I had in the pantry.

Mame aji, small fish, that I bought a day they were discounted and frozen for that purpose. I know we call them chinchards in French. That would be Jack mackerel in English.
They are the base for the broth. I added garlic and I had nothing else fresh. So herbes de Provence, olive oil, chili flakes, tomato paste. As veggies, 1 onion and 2 potatoes.
Forget on the stove.

Prepare the rust. It’s this sauce’s name, la rouille, the rust. In a mortar, paste 2 cloves of garlic (without germ), add a little sea salt, a few twigs of safran, a few flaves of chili or paprika, a little tomato paste. To get volume, stir in bread (without crust, that you wet and squeeze). Finish by adding olive oil, a good amount. If you have left-over you can keep it in the fridge. 2 months. No, 2 years… I’m kidding, maybe 2 days is OK in Winter.

Filter the broth, add the cut potatoes and onion to it. Plus a little safran and a tbs of rouille.
NB : don’t throw away the filtered fish, wait for a next post.

And plooof ! The fish into the broth. And bouillabaisse !
Ah, bouille means bring to boil and baisse means go lower, that is simmer. Just afew minutes till the fish is cooked.

That gives you a 2 dish meal :

A soup, to which eaters add rouille at their taste.

Fish and veggies. With rouille too, if you want.

Cal 526 F10.5g C78.6g P30.5g

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