le boudin blanc de Noël (via Gio)

Historic blah blah :

This is the French Christmas pudding. Why ? From what I have read, in Middle Age, the Christmas dinner, for rich people started with a sort of hot milk pudding, before splurging on all the roasts and decadent dishes (all dishes were served at the same time, sweet and savory). The poorer had only that pudding. They were all fasting before Chritsmas, so they would break the fast with something easy to digest.That was in France, but the countries were not separated. The Brits invaded us to say the truth, and we sometimes reciprocated, eh why not ? So they had similar habits in Britannic islands. Pudding and boudin are the same word. Later in France, from 16th Century, they added meat, then cream, even truffles to the boudin, but no dry fruits. The evolution was different in England as they added prunes in order to insert the “plum” word in the name, then changed their minds it seems. See here about a British Christmas Plum Duff .
Since 19th century, French Christmas pudding (boudin blanc de Noel) is a white creamy meat sausage. It’s historic and no longer a Christmas dinner item. It is sold and enjoyed all over December.


This is a special boudin sausage. Not your average white sausage. Look at that texture ! It’s the softest sausage on earth !

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