Hatsuga genmai maki, healthy sushi

I don’t make sushi so often, but there are a few on this blog :
sushi compil’

Today’s is a health bomb. The rice is super healthy hatsuga genmai (germinated). And it’s garnished with Hokkaido salmon, full of the good omega fats.

First, I have germinated brown rice :

After 24 hours in this heat. To know more and make yours easily :
Hatsuga genmai, germinated rice.

In the rice-cooker with kombu seaweed.

I have made wind with the fan when I’ve added rice vinegar and sea salt. My rice is so glossy now.

Steamed salmon.

Rolled on nori seaweed, with wasabi and negi leeks.
Confession : I put 3 layers of nori. I adore nori, there is never too much. I can eat the leaves like that, like crackers.

See next post for serving.

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