Watarigani crab in sauce sacha (part 1 : behind the curtain)

沙茶醤, I think it’s said sachajan’. Well there are surely many versions of this sauce popular in Taiwan and created there or stolen from somewhere ages ago. I browsed to see the commercial version and well… it’s very different. I changed a few things from a Taiwanese “home-made” recipe. So it became the sauce sacha gourmande.


Chinese style dry shrimps and Chinese liquor (I was given that, I have let it age and found I had that funny bottle… it’s convenient to cook). Serve a drink to the shrimps and let them time to sip it, at least 20 minutes.

Garlic, onion, stalks of mitsuba, chili pepper, ginger…

Chop the rehydrated shrimps. Mix everything. Add soy sauce, mirin, water.

The watarigani is a small green “crab” quite common between the coasts of Japan and Taiwan. It seems it is not really a crab, but something between crabs and shrimps. The shell is quite soft. It’s not green here ? Yes, I know. It’s the first time I get some of this exact color, but they are not always very green. So there are probably different sub-species…

Cut and clean the edible parts of the crabs. I bought them ready.
Drain well the water. Coat them with corn starch.
Heat oil at 170 degree C. And fry the crab.
I do that in a frying pan with 1/2 cm of oil. I cover, and turn a few times. That takes about 10 minutes.

Pour the sauce on top.

Mix well. Let it cool and marinate at least one hour. I like it after a longer time. And wait for next post…


Watarigani, Part 2

4 thoughts on “Watarigani crab in sauce sacha (part 1 : behind the curtain)

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