Farz fou ! Crazy pagan baking.

The famous dessert from Bretagne, in its ancestral version. And it’s great. If you like the simplicity of salty butter caramel, you can only love it.
I followed… freely the familial recipe of Pagan (from his blog in French). Merci pour cette recette !

That’s not a dainty creation your Parisian artsy pâtissier. Not even presentable like the more pudding-like chilled version with prunes. It’s really a grandma-bakes-me-my-after-school-cake, something you devour hot from the oven. As it disappeared in a few minutes, I can’t say what it’s like when it cools. Well, it’s surely deflated.

Butter foam guzzling at the surface… Ah, if you could smell it !

Hokkaido’s butter has salt in it… but less than Bretagne’s. So I’ve added some.

It really tried to run out of the dish. Spectacular. I made it very flat because my oven is low and at first try, it went up so high that the top was scorched.

5 thoughts on “Farz fou ! Crazy pagan baking.

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