Romanesco Ramen

Yes ramen can be healthy, and the romanesco cauliflower is one of the most superb vegetable…

Ramen, Chinese style noodles are often served in a rich broth of pork bones, topped with grilled pork. They are not “unhealthy”, but it’s not for everyday, especially in the “between binges” period.
I made a ichi-dashi (dry fish and kombu seaweed broth). It’s flavored with “red miso”, a mix of beige miso, gochujang and grated garlic. Topings are green :

Chijimi horenso, a sort of Winter spinach.

And one of these twins (blanched in dashi).

Grilled shishamo (Hokkaido smelt) for the protein.
Monsieur Shishamo

(with 2 small bowls of ramen, 1 whole romanesco)
Cal 469.5 F17.5g C51.7g P35.5g

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