Casual wrapper (my quick tortillas)

A tortilla, a filling, a sauce… the Mexican universal sandwich. That’s an easy meal, no ?

Carrot-hummus (dinner)

Bean mix, Chinese style (lunch)

wrapatouilles (buckwheat tortilla, ratatouille)

Chinese osmanthus pork

seafood veggie tortilla

egg on green ful, crispy version

crispy, green ful, veggie-olive mix


I could buy my tortilla. I did (the veggie ones are bought). That’s not common in Japan. Maybe out of 100 grocery stores, 1 have them, so after all… But well, either it’s a frozen pack of 30 (just enough for a snack, if you eat a lot), or only 4 for the same price, super-packaged, loaded with preservatives, etc. That seemed complicated to make, and the bought ones were not bad.
Then I tried to make mines. Oh my ! That’s so simple, and for me, they taste so much better : fresher, with tastier ingredients.

DIY wheat tortilla

-1/4 cup flour + 1 tbs oil/lard + just enough hot water
(spices or others are optional : today’s 1 tbs of rice bran + 1 ts paprika)
-Make a dry dough. Drop it roughly on your counter a number of times. Form 2 balls (ping-pong size). Roll 2 circles.
-Cook in a flat frying pan (non oiled)

2 ways :

To get them soft : with a lid, slow cooking, low heat, and I spritz water 1 or 2 times when I turn them. Reheat in steamer/microwave.
To get them crispy : no lid, high heat (them moderate), cook quickly, check often as you may burn them. Reheat in oven-toaster.

Lunch :
Bean mix + whites of negi leeks + tobanjan Chinese chili sauce

bean mix recipe

That’s a wrap !

Dinner :
Grated carrots.
Hand-pasted hummus (chunky) with tahini, garlic and Louisiana chili.
Negi leeks.

8 thoughts on “Casual wrapper (my quick tortillas)

  1. So wonderfully simple! And yours look stunning! I never would have thought tortillas would be hard to come by in Japan. Funny, the things we often take for granted.

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