Green duet. Herb and prune pounti, and cucumber lemon balm salad


A big pounti pie, and 2 small ones…
I made this dish before and there is some explanation of its origins as a French peasant dish :
about the “pounti aux pruneaux”


I had really lots of herbs around. Can you name them ?


Starting easy : Spinach.




Shiruna, beet greens.


Karashina (takana), mustard greens. If you follow this blog you’ve seen them (here)






A milky cuke salad, flavored with fresh lemon balm. I had big huge cucumbers like in France. The local ones are much smaller usually.



There are prunes in the pountis. The sweet and savory contrast is excellent.



3 thoughts on “Green duet. Herb and prune pounti, and cucumber lemon balm salad

  1. Would love to try these, and the photos are beautiful, but where are the recipes? I keep clicking on links and going to other pages with the same problem. Can’t find any recipes. Help! I’m salivating.

    • It’s a more a meal photo blog than a recipe blog as I’ve done several years with several posts a day and not only I had no time to measure and write each recipe, but many are very simple and repetitive. If there are a few ones you can’ find, ask me in comments, I’ll try to answer when I have time.

      Pounti is a French peasant classic for which you’ll rarely read precise indications, think of it as a big baked omelet : Put in the blender (or mince by knife) lots of greens in season (people would forage from fields), add a few eggs, a little flour, and if you have any leftover of meat/bacon in small bits, salt, pepper and a few soaked prunes in the middle. Bake (around 180 degree Celsius) till it’s done, serve hot or cold. As you can see in the other linked posts, there exist versions topped with a layer of bechamel (added before baking).
      For the cucumber, I peel and slice them, and cover with a salad sauce (oil, vinegar, salt, pepper) to which I add a little milk or cream and fresh herbs. Let a while in the fridge, toss before serving.
      I hope that helps.

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